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Editing the TimeScale

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Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hello Planners,

Is it possible to edit the timescale in order to show Friday and Saturday as the weekly non-working days, instead of Saturday and Sunday?

I am using Spider 11.03.48, and I cannot get a convenient timescale for a project in Algeria.

Thank you, and Happy New Year



Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for an idea. I expect that in the middle of January you will be able to select what days of the week to show as vacational. Look at what's new in Spider Project at our site. It could be done faster but we have long start of the year vacations here in Russia.

I wish you Happy New Year,


Mike Testro
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Hi Alexandre

Surely this is done on the calendar using the appropriate work pattern.

Also check that it is Friday and Saturday - not Thursday & Friday as it is in other MENA countries.

Some companies only have the Friday holiday.

Best regards

Mike Testro