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Shortcuts to FF SF SS links

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Carlos Arana
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Are there shortcuts to add FF SF and SS Links in the Gantt chart area?

Currently I make an FS link ant then try to overwrite it to open the Links>Properties window to change it from FS to FF.


Sunil Babu
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Hi Rafael,

This was very informative.



Rafael Davila
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Under Main Screen click Options/Parameters and checkmark "Open properties for the new objects".

If already a link is defined it will warn you and will allow you to add an additional link if this is what you really want. It will bring out all the options where you can define type of link, type of lag, lag calendar, amount of lag and more advanced settings like those for double links.

The dialog box has four options for link type; FF/FS/SS/SF has three options for condition of switch; always, yes, no has a label box for kind, selection for Strict and Use in scheduling, has selection for two lag types; lag or volume, has an entry box for lag amount that can be either hours or days, has a selection for lag calendar, plus the required fields when the link is a double link as lag on succeeding activity can be of different type, different amount and based on different calendars. The dialog box also has a second tab to enter whatever note you want to.

I am particularly adverse to hundred if not thousands of keyboard shortcuts for every option, to me a dialog box is superior to a bunch of memorized keyboard shortcuts prone to error.

Having this information on a little rectangular dialog box that appears every time you are defining a link is very convenient.

For an example of SF link take a look at the following;

Never say never, keep the options open.

Best regards,


PS. better late than never !!! hapy cinco de mayo !!!

Carlos Arana
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Hi Mike,

Because FFs are useful for hammocks.

Hi Vladimir,

Would not it be good to just ctrl+click for FF, shift+click for SS, alt+click for SF (default is FS)?

In fack I still can not imagine how could a SF link exist in the real world.

Best regards,



there are two options in Spider setting - set default FS link when creating the dependency between activities, or open dialog and set link type each time when the dependency is created. In the second case you will not need to repeat activity linking for setting connection type different from FS.

Best Regards,


Mike Testro
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Hi Carlos

Why bother!

FF SS Links are not good planning practice.

Best regards

Mike T.