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raheel adnan
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can i have some example on road and infrastructure sequential activity program in primavera as an example

Thank you.


Ali Osama
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ashraf alawady
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Dear All,

the main activities for the raods ad infrastructure are cotaining but ot limited to the followig

prjoject commencemet date


settig out and survey works

obtaiig costructio NOCs from all concerned authortities

trial trenches and varification of the existing services(utiliyies) location

protectio or relocation of existig utilities - as required

layig of ew utilities

submit shop drawings for road works

approval of shop drwings

submit the subcotractors for approval

approval of subcontractors

sumit materials submittals for approval

approva materials submittals

procurement of the matirals

earth works (cut and fill)

prepare the formatio layer

layig of subbase layer

layig of road base layer

spray betuminous prim coat

laying of ashpalt base course

spary tack coat

layig of asphalt weraring course

roads marking

errectig traffic sigs

general site cleaning and prepare the project for handingover

hand over the project.

Mike Testro
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Hi Raheel

Primavera is noit the best software for linear projects - you should be considering Tilos or Vicos.

Best regards


Mike Testro

Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Rahel,

The major activities in most projects are

Shop Drawings and Approval

Material Submittals and Approval



Testing and Commissioning and Handing Over.

You can get the first three sections and the last section from the BOQs and the Issued for Construction Drawings. On the other hand, the Construction depends on the construction team.

For a Road Construction project, I assume that you need to site with your construction team and divide the project into zones and work on them according to priority. Once you have done that the activities generally are:

1. Site Survey.

2. Cut and fill

3. Civil Works according to the cross section of the road that you have; layer 1, 2, 3, etc. You will need to notive the MEP work included inside the civil works and sequence it accordingly.

4. Isolate the concrete structures (box culverts, bridges, etc) and have them in a separte category.

5. You might have side walks, paint, signals, etc after the end of construction. You will have to reveiw the BOQ and Plan them accordingly.

I hope that the information helps a little. If you be more specific and describe the project more, we can assist more.

With kind regards,