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software requirement specifications

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How can we classify a "requirement specification" as a good one? Is there any metrics for this also similar to the software metrics, with which we can analyse the quality of a requirement? Note: By "requirement specification" I mean the requirements we get from the client to suggest a technical proposal


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It really depends on the industry and the technology available for the country you are trying to specify the product for. Market availability of hadware and software should be taken into consideration while preparing the specs. The best metrics to ulilize is investigation of the subject matter ie, if a schedule is needed, what programs are available in the language desired, what's the budget for this, who are the biggest better companis providing the service, calland get references of people using the software, talk to them and then make a decision. I hope this helps. If you are more specicic of what kind of sofware requirements needs you have maybe I can guide you better.