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Sunil Kumar
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This has been probably discussed in the past. Can a Planner actually go and say buzz off let me execute the programme from now on ...
I was on execution before I am a planner now I wanna go back to Execution with the Plans I make...

Any Support !!!



Raja Izat Raja Ib...
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Hi Guys,
The best Planner is to be Driver not History Reporter..

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We need to know our role as planners in the project team. The fundamental is to deliver all planning activities and to act as professional planner.

Planning is very broad with huge deliverables. Some of the deliverables are relevant only to site people while some to technical department, procurement, sub-contractors, etc. The most important are the deliverables to top management including client.

It is tempting for planner to go to project execution but this will infringe on the ideal of professional courtesy. The project execution people will fear they might loss their job since planners will start to take over the execution of the project.

When working as a planner, we will remain a planner. This will result in harmony at the workplace.
Sunil Kumar
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Hi Raj,

Thanks for your Philosophical Response though not practical.

" The grass is always greener on the other side "


Raj Maurya
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I think your frustation is not because of planning work, it is because you do not have job satisfaction. So I suggest you always take time to list your priorities while chossing a job. As others were suggested that project manager has the right and accountbility of project completion with in time and budget, so it is up to him whether he follow planners suggestion or planner will follow his suggestion.

Project execution & completion is the team work and Planner is always a team member of the project and has his own responcibility towards project like other members, so there should not be any frustation being planner.
Sai Prasad
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Hey Sunil
The best soulution for you is to Quit your present employer & go to one who hires planners(original) as project managers & proves to the construction industry that planners can actuallly execute what they plan
Sunil Kumar
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Joined: 31 Mar 2005
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Hi Bill,

You got me wrong bere. I was just venting my furstrations here cause I have been on execution and now in planning and when someone dont want to take your advise as a Planner, I feel let me show how to " PLAN YOUR WORKS AND WORK YOUR PLANS "

Another Furstrated Planner
Bill Guthrie
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Chris is absolutely correct.


A planning Engineer SUPPORTS THE PROJECT MANAGER in his execution of the project. On time told my boss, well, we did it on time, he replied we who? You are only the planning engineer, you did not do anything but advise me.

that said it all.
cheers bill
Chris Oggham
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Hi Sunil, Hi Razi

Where I work, the Project Manager is responsible for both the planning and the execution of the project. Reporting to the sponsors on a regular basis ensures that he keeps the plan up-to-date and reflecting the current situation.

Where the Project Manager gets interference with the running of the project he can (and does) tell people to buzz off so that he can get on with the execution.

Chris Oggham
Razi Khan
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Hi Sunil

Just become Project Manager and Plan and implement yourself.

But by the time you become Project Manager you would also start thinking "What planning just the paper work where where some guys draws some colored bars which nobody reads".