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Earn value

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Azvi Hanifa
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Presently I’m working with project management team for the as a planning engineer.

The cost of the project is one Billion US$, So far I have intensively involved in the progress that is site evaluating, monitoring and reporting. Project’s construction program being resources and cost loaded. Recently our client interested to measure the earn value through the P3, I have not so much idea how? what ? sort of reports to be produced, in oder to present time and cost impact reports.

Please provide some advise with examples.

Your prompt reply would be much help full.

Thank you very much.

MHM. Azvi


Alex Wong
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One of the most important pre-requisite to run a EV report in P3 is to have your schedule loaded with resources.

If the project is still in its early stage, it will be very easy to setup, otherwise you will need a lot of effort to report EV in your schedule.

In addition, in order to track back the progress already made in past reporting period. You have to rebuild your schedule with each individual month schedule and save each period performance. If you are not ploting the EV curve in P3 with period performance saved, you will need your client agreed to run the EV report outside P3. Otherwise what is in the EV report will be different to your current P3 schedule.

Types of reports that you can produce in P3 is EV S-Curve, (Using Layout) EV period table report.

Furthermore, there is a few tricks that you need to be aware of in P3 if you recording Actuals and have Target project in your existing P3 schedule. It will give you a wrong EV report if you are not careful with Budget, Remaining, actuals and Target Project.


Paul Harris
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You will find an article on my web site titled Practical Application of Earned Value under Technical Papers.

Paul E Harris
Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
Planning and Scheduling Book Publishers, Training & Consulting
Jaco Stadler
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Are you working for Qatar Petroluem