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importing of file to primavera? any help please!

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Rajesh Dapurkar
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is there a way to import a XER file from Primavera ver 8.2 toversion 6.2? OR is there a way to import mpp file primavera




V Kutty
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Primavera V6 will Import MSP only MSP exptensions .XML or .MPX .

File - Import -  



mohammad waseem a...
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hi planners,

1- to open 8.2 XER in 6.2 just right click on xer file and open in notepad........on first line written ver 8.2 change in to 6.0 or 6.2 and save .........then open in primavera 6.2 ..................


2-Second.........for MPP files........primavera have standard import opetion available in import for MPP files..........

hanson California
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Yes, when you export it from v 8.2 you will have options in Export format page. so, you may choose 6.2 or any other version you like.

Thank you,