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Task with linked start and finish dates

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Kate Nash
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I need to put a task into a plan which starts on the date a predecessor finishes, and ends on the date a successor starts.

For example, the tasks I have are:

Handover to Client - Finish Milestone 1st December 2011

Rental Period

Handback from Client - Finish Milestone 31st December 2011


The Rental period needs to automatically show the start date as 1st December and the end date as 31st December - can this be done?  I've tried assigning relationships but can't get it quite right as the duration is set - what is the easiest way of doing this?




Gary Whitehead
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If you want the duration of the rental period to be defined by the milestones at either end, rather than being fixed, use a level of effort activity.





Mike Testro
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Hi Kate

Welcome to Planning Planet

Even in P6 this can be done.

Insert a task called Rental Period between Handover to Client and Handback From Client

Link FS between all 3 tasks

Set the duration of the Rental Period task to end on 30 Dec 2011.

Reschedule F9

Best regards

Mike Testro

PS you only need to press the Save button once.