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Calendar problem and negative floats after importing from P6 version 7.0 to P6 version 6.0?

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Mohamed El-Shazly
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Dear Colleagues,


recently i joined a new company as a planning engineer. i was assigned to handle a project originally established by P6 version 7.0.

my company currently using a licensed P6 version 6.0 so i had to import the project XER file from version 7 to version 6.

after importing was successful. i found out a massive negative floats. i cross checked all activities relationship, calendars, duration type, activity type and every single parameter which may be responsible for the issue but all was as same as the schedule in version 7.

the weird thing that some of the activities are not driven by any of their successors.

even i made a user defined field to calculate the float with hours and i figured out some of it are not divisible to 8 hours taking into consideration that assigned calendar is 5 working day/week, 8 hours/day 

i am done trying to solve the issue as i did the exercise several times using different versions of P6.0 but all were useless and time consuming as well.

if any one encountered the same and manage to solve. the advice will be much appreciated.




Mohamed El-Shazly
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Thank you for the feed back.

i would like to let you know that i am using version 7 nowadays in my personal laptop. i agree with you it is much superior to version 6 

the problem is that i have to work with version 6 as it is installed to my official laptop as i mentioned. i may try to convince my company to upgrade but who knows how long it will take them to comply.

i have to deal with the situation as it is. so if you know how to solve the issue please keep me posted.



Ronald Winter
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You are probably having a problem with the hours-to-days conversion factor.  All durations are stored as hours and converted to days using his factor.  P6 Version 7 stores this number in each activity’s calendar so every activity can use a different factor.  You can have activities using 10-hour days and others using 8-hour days in the same schedule.


Version 6 uses one conversion factor for all activities in your schedule (under Edit / User Preferences / Time Units Tab.)  When you exported the schedule, you kept the hours the same but evidently lost some “days”. This is the main reason why Version 7 is superior to Version 6 and a good reason to upgrade.  Good luck!