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Push to move away from WBS to Activity Codes

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Martin Selley
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Anyone gettibng pressure from Company to move away from WBS to using solely Activity Codes?

I know primavera/oracle have been pushing this but don't know how far this has gone.

Usually non-planners push this type of change.


Dennis Hanks
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[Stepping on my soap box]

For me, the value lies in linking the schedule to the estimate/budget.  If your estimate/budget is not organized by project WBS, there is little additional value over activity codes - except that P6 seems to really like using a WBS.

No suggestion that any schedule not be fully integrated - resource loaded - with Estimating and Accounting.  In other words, IMHO, all schedules should be resource loaded and therefore rely on a fully developed WBS - use activity codes whenever the need arises.  It is not an either/or, but rather what is appropriate.  

All schedules should be resource loaded from a source external to the planner/scheduler and this source be cited in the Schedule Basis.

[now stepping down from my soap box]

mimoune djouallah
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you can easily map your wbs to use activity code instead, just excel and the use of the sdk

Hi Martin,

No pressure my end as well.  May I ask what pressure seems to arise your end in using Activity Codes?

Check this out anyway, might help:



Sam .
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No pressure at my end. Yet. Seems to be common practice to use WBS elements.