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Import XER file from CD why Original Duration changing

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Sureshbabu Shanmugam
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Hi , pls help me to resolve my problem again in original duration

My company staff left the planning job i have been asked to do the job in P5,

previously Iam working in P3.

the problem is

When I import target file(XER file) form the soft copy(CD ) the Original duration get changing why?

When I import Progress program  form the soft copy(CD ) the Original duration get changing why?



Sunil Babu
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May be in your project some calendar is wrong,pls check it.



Ahmet Ahmetoglu
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just copy your calender with a different name and reassign again.



Take care

Rafael Davila
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If the durations ratio is by a factor of 8, if normal work day is 8 hours day, perhaps it is due to the difference in how P6 and P3 is storing durations, days versus hour. This is called the planning unit.

If this is so you can solve the issue with global changes but as far as I remember correction for lag values must be manual, the field is not available on the global change.

Google on how to make changes in planning unit for P3, maybe you will hit something of help.

If you opt to keep Days as planning unit you can make the duration changes as per following link.


P3 Durations Global Chaqnge



Tariq Usman
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Check the calender.