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Primavera ver 6.7 is not showing actual percentage why?

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Irfan Khan
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Hi to all experts,

I am working with Primavera 6.7 version & I made a cost & resource loaded schedule.

My schedule’s percent completed type is = Physical & Duration Type is = Fixed Duration & Units.

But while updating the Percentage of schedule it is showing, Schedule % Complete = 22.28% &

Whenever I am transferring the same data to Primavera P3 it showing overall percentage = 4%.

Can anybody tell me why Primavera is not showing actual percentage as P3 shows.



Dieter Wambach
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Irfan Khan


The behaviour of percent complete in P6 is different to P3.

On your Primavera DVD there is a document "Moving From P3 to P6" (or similar). For a better understanding of the differences between P3 and P6 you can study the chapter "Autocost Rules". This will give the answer to your question.

Hope this helps

Regards Dieter