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planned labour cost reverts to zero after duration change - WHY?

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Dean Pearcy
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I have numerous activities that contain a labour resource, say GANG1, that don't have a resource rate as a price is meaningless in this case. It's 2 men and a van, going on maintenance activities. I then know the budget of the 3d activity of work they are doing, say £6000. so I put this figure into the planned labour cost. If i then change this activity duration to 2d, the planned cost will revert to zero. I want the planned cost to stay the same, as that is how much this task will cost. Why does it revert to zero? What auto calculation is going on that I need to stop?

Many thanks in advance.


Zoltan Palffy
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turn off calculate cost from units 

you wil have to change this in the resources directory add a column for Calculate costs frorm units.


Also under the details tab on the right where it says profile uncheck calcluate costs from units


Also at the activity level you want to run a global change 

where resource equals GANG1

then calculate costs from units equals no