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Earned Value - At Completion values with Current dates

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Haresh Jayanth
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Dear All,

In Admin Preferences , Earned value tab , we have 3 methods to choose earned value

1) Budget value with Planned dates.

2) Budget values with Current dates.

3) At completion value with current dates.

I have a clear idea the use of the first two. But i want somebody to explain what is use of having " At completion values with current dates to compute Earned value management.

Pls help.




Haresh Jayanth - PMP


Zoltan Palffy
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the key wording here is the 1st word Budget of the 1st 2 options the 3rd option is AT completion which could be more or less than the budget.

Dinesh Kumar
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1) Budgeted value with planned dates

PV = budget value x time spread or budget value x cost spread

 2) Budgeted value with current dates

PV = budget x current elapsed duration / total duration with expected completion

3) At completion value with current dates

PV = EAC x current elapsed dur / total dur with expected completion