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How to Filtered out OBS , created for the Project

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Haresh Jayanth
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I have create separate OBS for a project and want to take printout the OBS in chart view.....But the problem is that all the OBS created for other project is being displayed .......How to take printout of only the OBS for the project in Chart view....

Moreover the "Current EPS / Project is inactive and only displays all OBS.......

Kindly advice..


Rodel Marasigan
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OBS in chart view is global and cannot use filter and also you cannot print except if you used screen dump. If you really need the print out of OBS mean for a project then you can arrange OBS layout in Chart View and center only the project OBS and print a screen dump.
To arrange OBS follow the steps below.
1) Highlight the highest OBS (main OBS) then click the Display header : “Display All OBS Element” and select Arrange Children-> Vertical
2) Select and move the OBS and each element by click arrow right until it reach to the bottom.
3) While the OBS that need to print is selected click the Display header again and select Arrange children-> Horizontal and put it on center then do a screen dump
4) Then cut only the OBS required and paste to a new file of what ever application you use to view the screen dump as per example below
OBS Chart View

If you really need a proper print you need to assign the OBS on the project and each WBS and use WBS chart View then right click and select chart box template-> OBS and then customise then remove other fields except for responsible manager. See sample below
WBS OBS Chart View