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P6 Creates Filters

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Kate Nash
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I have noticed something weird with my P6 - I have a load of filters created but for some reason Primavera then creates duplicate filters suffixed with an _1, _2 etc - in some cases I have 6 filters the same with different numbers at the end.


What is causing this? If I delete them they just seem to reappear.  Is it something corrupted in my project and if so what do I need to do to stop it?  It seems to happen when I switch layouts.

Any help appreciated!


Tim Neobard
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Piet Bom I'd imagine this is so that if you change your filter in any way, the bar layout filter will not be affected.  It does mean that if you've made a mistake in your normal filter, you'll need to correct it in your bar filters.

Zoltan Palffy
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how are you saving the layout try saving it as

available to Project instead of current user or all users or another user

Piet Bom
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We experience the same problem.

It happens when you have a layout with bar formats that uses special filters  (e.g. if baseline present)

When you save the layout as a new layout, then P6 creates a copy of this special filter with extesion _1, _2, etc.

I do not understand why P6 does that.

Does anyone recognize this problem and perhaps have a solution ?


Piet Bom