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Changing Activity ID inbetween using Global Change

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Haresh Jayanth
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Suppose i have around 50 activities with activity ID SUTSGF001,SUTSGF002....and so on.....
I want to change all activities in that WBS to SUTSFF001, SUTSFF002....and so on..i.e to replace "GF" to "FF" in the middle using Global change.......What is condition i have to apply....


Rodel Marasigan
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In addition to Pinan response below is another Global Change parameter that you can use.
where WBS is under (select the wbs containing activity to change)
Activity ID = SUTSFF & RightString(Activity Id,3)

In this case it will limit only on WBS stated and not all activity with SUTSGF.
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The simplest is Replace Function (Control R), Find GF and Replace with FF

By Global Change, You can try a simple one

Activity Id starts with SUTSGF

Activity Id EQ SUTSFF & rightstring(activity id,3)