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Change activity project codes assignments from a User Defined Field using Global Change in Primavera P6

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Baz Kawar
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Joined: 19 Sep 2011
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I am having difficulty using Global Change to set to assign to an activity the Activity Project Code value from a User Defined Field Value, it forces me to mannually enter the Activity Project Code value, Why? it should allow me just to simply to make the code value equal the value in the User Defined Field.


Zoltan Palffy
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as always the code defenition must be already setup

once this is done importing values from excel is much easier

why dont you export and activity to excel that has the global code and use it as a templete for importing values back into p6 via excel

Santosh Bhat
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Baz, do it via Excel Import - will be much easier to do than manually as you already have the values assigned in th UDF fields.

David Kelly
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Yes, That would be a great idea. I suggested it to Oracle in 2011. Welcome to the club, Baz