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Start & FInish vs Early Start & Early FInish

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Irfan Khan
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Hi to all,

As we know that in Primavera v3.1 the default column for early dates is Early Start & Early Finish.

But in the Primavera v.6 the default column for early dates is Start & Finish but when you i am inserting column of Early Start & Early Finish in these column showing nothing.

So can somebody explain difference between Start & Finish vs Early Start & Early Finish according to Primavera P6.



Irfan Khan
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Joined: 19 Jul 2009
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Thanks Rodel you are genius......

Ronald Winter
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Have a look at a paper that I co-presented at the 2009 AACE International Conference called " Understanding P6 Dates." I think that that should help answer your question. It is much more complicated that you would imagine.
Rodel Marasigan
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Early start is the earliest start date where activity starts and early finish is the earliest finish date where activity finishes.
When planner develop the schedule this is the planned date = early date = start date.
Start date is the current date. When activities have start progressing start date become actual date and early start = Remaining Start