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Data base problems installing P5

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richard wall
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When trying to configure the data base i always get
SQL Server Error:[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(Connect).] SQL Server Error: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied

I have always had this problem when trying to install p5. It looks to me the MSDE SQL server is install but not permitting the data base installation. Need help getting frustrated


Dieter Wambach
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This error message is very general; so some reasons existing. In my opinion the most "popular" ones:

- You aren’t a local admin. Easy to realize: Move your cursor onto "Start" --> right mouse button --> bottom line in the small windows must be similar to "Explorer all Users". If not, log in as a local admin
- Users "Privuser" and "Pubuser" not synchronized.
- The installation had an error. Unfortunately error messages disappear during installation process. --> Uninstall and install again
- Sometimes the event log of Windows gives a reason.

Good luck!