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Need Information on resources

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mike mark
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how are budget ManHour’s spread?

Do they spread to the left of the data date?

How is remaining unit calculated?

How to compute actuals automatically?


Gary Whitehead
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budget manhours, when first assigned, are spread across the right of the data date -ie in the future.
You choose how it is spread (evenly, front-loaded, etc) by selecting the appropriate resource curves

How remaining units is calculated depends on the activity type (fixed units, fixed units/time, etc)

There is an ’Auto Compute Actuals’ option you can set. This updates the programme automatically, assuming everything has happened precisely as planned. This of course, makes it entirely pointless -you may as well just get a copy of the baseline prrogramme and tip-ex over the date.

All of this (apart from my rather jaundiced view of auto-update features) is in the e-manual that comes with the software -You’re probably best off reading that and having a play on a dummy project.