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Resource Levelling easy method help needed

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Jerrin Abraham
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I have created a resource, say labor with 8/day as Default units per time. His Max allocated time is also 8/day While allocating him on 4 activities simultaneously over same duration and same start and finish date. 

Now the budgeted time become four times after scheduling .for resource levelling either I could go to resource assignement and adjust budgeted unit into 2 hrs per day on each activity for end result so that maximum won't exceed 8 hrs. Or else I should change the resuource budget unit from activity details. But this method is a time killer. I meant, for a year long project it becomes heavy task to do so.

I don't want to lengthen the duration of each activity by anymeans, within the constraitns want the labor units to be adjusted to Max units as 8hrs per day over all activities. Any Suggestion please. IF any new method is there, or if the approach I did was entirely wrong, Please explain in very fine detail.

Thank You