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P6, Remove resource from many activities & add another

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Abeer Mahmoud
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Dear All,
i have 3 resourecs type 1, 2 & 3 were assigned to 30 Dear All,
I have 3 resources type 1, 2 & 3 were assigned to 30 activities now i need to remove resource type 3 from all activities and add instead of it resource type 4 talking into consideration the project WBS includes 6 levels and 100 activities.

I prepared a filter included only activities which need to modify resources and exported to excel sheet but when i opened excel file I found it included all 100 activities and ignored my filter.

So can any body help me by a shortcut way by excel sheet solve this problem.



Rafael Davila
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Replacement of resource assignments is a common task, maybe you have a functionality specific for this task, same as other software.

In the following screen the activity rows are grouped by resource assignment, you can easily select all or a group. You can create multiple WBS dictionaries for this table to make it easier to select as resource allocation is usually independent of standard fields and a filter based on standard fields might be very difficult if not impossible to apply. Of course using a marker for hundreds of activities on a user defined field can make it possible for you to create the filter.

Look on your resource usage/assignment table, we tend to forget how useful these other tables are.


Changing by hand a resource for a resource is not that difficult on small job but changing a multi-resource or crew for another can be tricky, not to mention changing a resource skill for another. Here the software functionality shines even on small jobs.

Joseph Erwin Carg...
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Dear, When it's already exported in excel, try to proceed with the change by filtering in excel the resource that you want to change,and change the name accordingly by replacing the old resource name by the new name. Hope it helps, Joseph
Abeer Mahmoud
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Thanks Dieter it is new information for me I appreciate your cooperation very much.

Ahmed Elkordy
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I’ve never noticed or used to replace button before...
Dieter Wambach
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Why don’t you try the easiest way? Filter all Activities you want to replace the resources --> Select all --> Open window "Assign resources" (icon on the right border of the Primavera Window) --> replace by --> you’ll be guided.
Export to Excel: Did you try your filter with a layout? I never experienced this error.

Good luck!