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I got some confusion in the S-curve. Could any one explain in detail the meaning and use of each line in the S-Curve.

In the S-Curve, the baseline , budgeted and actual curves are on issue. I just want to know clearly whats the Budget labout units line. As far as my understanding that is the requirement of the progress. If actual goes in parellel with budget it will reach on baseline on the specified date. Am i right ? is there any other meaning or something ?
Do we really need to show the budgeted line on the curve. Is it enough Baseline, Actual and Remaining curve lines.

Another thing i am looking for is . how can tell the difference between to curve lines in days or hours.
ie: Budget Labour Units - 1174.hrs, Actual Labour Units. 1100.hrs BL Budgeted Labour UInits-2869.
Basis on this how can findout howmany days i am behind or ahead schedule ?



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Andrew Dick
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A quick search of this database with the built in search feature using the keywords ’S curve’ will yield many conversation threads for viewing.

As you are wondering how many lines you would like on the graph, the 3 basic earned value lines [Based on Australian Standard AS4817-2006 Project performance measurement using Earned Value] will be,
PV (Planned Value - formerly BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled),
EV (Earned Value - formerly BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed)
AC (Actual Cost - formerly ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed),
the remaining work is represented by a 4th line attached to the back end of the AC, and represents the remaing effort.

As far as the last part of your post, if you were to have a version of your S Curve with an X axis scaled in days/weeks/months it will be evident as to you delay.