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Suresh Sankaranku...
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Anyone have any idea how to get the Acutals Labour Unit without apply actuals. I set up my project with % Complete type as Duration and i do not "Apply Actuals". But i want to look at the actual labour units when the job finish. Is there any idea ???

Another problem i face is, When i schedule the job every day, those job which are Not Started accordingly (BL Start) eg: BL Start date is 17-09-07
Data Date is 18-09-07 . When schedule this job on 18.09.07 all job which were suppose to start on 17-09.07 and if not started, all those activities will be jump to 18.09.07. I dont want that. I hope if i apply actuals the planned date will remain same. Is’nt it ?
Is there any idea ???



Oliver Melling
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You must save a copy of your plan, then assign it as a baseline.

This way the baseline planned dates will stay the 17th September and when the data date is moved your current plan will say 18th September.

Comparing the two plan allows EVA.
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If you set "Duration" in Complete type and check "Auto compute actual" option in resource definition, your actual labor unit/cost will automatically calculated based on Duration % complete.
Then you do not have to use "Apply actual" function or Timesheet.

Dieter Wambach
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Hi Suresh

Data Date is one of the most important date of your schedule: all events before DD DID happen, all events on or later than DD are planned.
If you have an activity planned for (early start) Sep. 17, no actual start exists, and your DD is Sep. 18, the earliest possible start is Sep. 18 - thus early start will be Sep.18 after F9.
DD always is the status of your project’s actuals. I assume that the status of your project is not Sep 18, but an earlier date. So set DD to an earlier date and it will be ok.
Anoon Iimos
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yes of course, just make sure you got your target before applying actuals