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how can i run apply actual

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tamer sayed
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in p3 there are update progress to know how much percentage we will do in specific day and make compareson with that dan in actual to know that we are advanced or dalay ???
in p3e as my knowlage the same option is apply actual from tools
or this are no relation between both

also when i run tpply actual and put date it shuld give me percentage i have to do in this date
but i fould the following :-
all project turn to that date
first date is 1/1/2007
and i want to know what i will do in 4/1/2007
so i go to tools and apply acutal and put date 4/1/2007
and make compare with actuals

but after i run apply actual in day 4/1/2007
all project turn to 4/1/2007
that is mean first date will be 4/1/2007
atherwiset the original first date i put before 1/1/2007


Rodel Marasigan
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I assumed that you want to apply actual on your target project to compare the actual vs. target. In P3 3.1 you can open the target project separately and apply the actual function then open actual project to have comparison. In P3e or P5 you don’t need to do that. You can display Schedule % Complete in your column and that gives you a comparison between Activity % complete on each activity. If you have (Target) Baseline project attached to your actual, Schedule % Complete will be based on your primary baseline.