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"Activity is currently locked by another user" error

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Johnny Pain
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Joined: 23 Sep 2005
Posts: 47
hi everybody,

I’ve installed a network in order to use P3 3.1 (3 workstations with SP2, and the project is stored on a non-used computer, all XP), and everything goes just fine until one of the workstations receives this error message : "activity is currently locked by another user". suddenly, every activity in the project becomes blank, as well as the successors & predecessors, and we can do nothing but closing P3. this happens like 5 times per hour, and this is really annoying. for info, we work with subprojects, and each user is assigned to one subproject, so it’s impossible that 2 users modify the same task at the same time.
I’ve tried many things to fix this, but none of them seems to work properly.
I’m quite used to this kind of simple networks, and it usually works just fine...

can someone help me with this ?

thak you in advance !


Johnny Pain
User offline. Last seen 4 years 22 weeks ago. Offline
Joined: 23 Sep 2005
Posts: 47
the network users haven’t phoned me in a while, so I guess the problem is solved now (even if it crashes once or twice a day, I call this a success).

thank you all for the answers.
Andy McLean-Reid
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Joined: 12 Oct 2005
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Oooh, oooh, I just got that same error message when trying to delete a single activity, just after reading this thread - spooky.

No other problems though, I simply closed down P3 and opened it up again and all was well.

Shahzad Munawar
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Yes, every try is good thing so try till success
Johnny Pain
User offline. Last seen 4 years 22 weeks ago. Offline
Joined: 23 Sep 2005
Posts: 47
okay thanks, I’ll try this too !
every try is a good thing...
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An alternative, install Pervasive SQL. Primavera recommend use Pervasive if more than 10 users working on same project.
My experience is even less than 10 user, project is easy to crash without Pervasive.
Johnny Pain
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Joined: 23 Sep 2005
Posts: 47
it seems to work quite well, but the users told me that every operation slowed down a bit.
I’ll see later if it needs more investigation.

thank you for the help !
Johnny Pain
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Joined: 23 Sep 2005
Posts: 47

thank you for the tips!
I’ve applied them on friday afternoon, and I now have to wait for the users to tell me if this worked.
I encountered an error message while repairing the project under PFXW, but that’s because I previously deleted the XXXXAC2.P3 file.
and just one or two things :
when you told me "use exclusive", did this mean I had to open the project at this time ? because the exclusive option didn’t appear to me except on opening...
and I don’t know what "run batch on the project" means... : ) PRMBATCH.EXE is not involved, right ?

anyway, thanks again, and I’ll let you know.
Frank Borcherdt
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Joined: 3 May 2001
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Check the p3.ini file (Start, Run type p3.ini and enter) and make sure your USERLOC folders are NOT shared. Should be local on c drive not on network.

Also run w32mkset.exe and check that File Settings, Remote File sharing is set to Multi-engine and NOT single engine.

Do this on every workstation using P3.

Could also try the Primavera Knowledgebase solution below:-

Solution ID: 200067113828

"Activity currently locked by another user"

Version(s): 2.0b, 3.0

Problem: "Activity currently locked by another user" message when trying to edit activities in a project after a system crash.

Fix: Try the following:

Delete the XXXXAC2.P3 file from the project directory.
Back-up the project, check the option to remove the access list, and restore it to another directory.
Use ’Exclusive Mode’.
Run PFXW on the project.
Run Batch on the project.

Let us knw how you go.