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actual start bars and plan start bars

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Dear all,

can I show the actual start bars and plan start bars at the same times?

yongjian zhou
beijing semiconductor Ltd


Jorge Taguinod
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1. Before updating anything, create a taget schedule.
2. Display a the early bar using ES and EF as the start and finish.
3. Define a new bar and use T1ES and T1EF as the start and finish.

This should do the trick. You may want to give these two bars the same Position. If not, remember that Position 1 is drawn above Position 2 and so on.

Good luck.

Mohamed Salah
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u can show both bars at progress project
at format->bars u add new bar and modified it with Target “ESandEF or LSandLF” and but position no.
Paul Loughnane
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When you originally set up your schedule and get it formally approved you should save a Target Project against which progress can be measured i.e planned v actual. If you have a copy of the plan before you started to update the progress you can easily achieve this by saving the master as a target of the schedule you are using now.

Hope this helps.
Tara Muddappa
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Hi Youngjian,

This is possible.Could you please register so that I can send you by email to your email ID an exhibit of Planned Vs Actual from a P3 report.

Hope this is fine with you.