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Recovery Program with additional manhours

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Kannan CP
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Contractor's schedule is loaded with manhours for the progress measurement. Due to significant delays, recovery program is being developed with additional resources, means additional manhours to meet the agreed target date.

Is it ok to add additional manhours to activities to show the recovery action, but this will affect the total manhours and accordingly the progress values already reported. or is it enough to explain the recovery actions in the narrative and keeping the original manhours as it is, without affecting the progress measurement.

Please share any input.


sharief sheikh
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If you intend to keep the reported stable. I would recommend you create new activities to indicate recovery tasks and load those additional hours to these activities. While calculating progress you can exclude these activities from progress calculation. However, for your manpower calculation (or Histograms) always use complete manhours. This way you know required the manpower as well keep the reported progress consistent.  

Zoltan Palffy
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if you dont add the additional manhours you will not know how many men you need and can therefore not staff it accordingly

there are 3 ways to recover lost time 

option 1 - Crash the Schedule

look at the critical path and reduce durations this will require more manpower to do the same amounto f work in a shorther period of time. Caution check all successor LAGS because if there was a lag especially a start to start lag which was  to overlap the successor activity may no longer over lap due to shorting of the duration.

I.E. originaly Activity A 10 days duration successor to activity B Start to start with a 5 day overlap

recovery schedule reduced duration of activity A to 5 days but the relationship stayed the same there for the activites do not overlap as originally indended. 

Option 2 - Fast Track the schedule

look at the critical path and make activites there that were to be perfomed sequentially and make them parallel so that they are now scheduled to be doen concurently. Manhours stay the same just logic changes

Option #3 - Crash and Fast Track

implement both options #1 and #2

Kannan CP
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thanks rodel..

Rodel Marasigan
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If the contractor recovery action is to accelerate the program by adding more resources to mitigate the delay without any additional cost to the client, the client might accept the program and accept as a re-baseline or new baseline. This is should be clearly explain in Basis of Schedule.