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Project Reports

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Mahendra Gupta
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Various data-driven insights, facts, and figures are necessary to make informed decisions regarding the project and ensure its successful delivery. How do project reports help in that, and what are the essential ones that every project manager must keep a tab on?


Zoltan Palffy
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you will need

1. a critical path report that shows the critical path of the project what items are the most urgent.

2. you will need a near term critical path report those things that are not critical but can become critical

3. You will need a 4 week look ahead report to see what is coming ahead of you.

4. You will need a long lead time item report so you can track this items

5. You will need a monthly narrative that reflects progress and any delays during the reporting period.

6. You will needan RFI log (request for information)

7. You will need a change order log

8. You will need a manpower forecast

9. You will need a cash flow curve

10. You will need a submittal log.