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Resource Usage Spreadsheet Distribution Issues

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Nisha Joseph
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Hi ,


I have a project, for which I have resource loaded an "X" engineering discipline. The monthly distribution, looks ok, but when I zoom to see the weekly distribution, it dosen't show a proper resource histogram. Thereby i thought to re-adjust in the weeks, in the same month. However when I go to "Resource Assignment Tab" with timescale set to "Month/week", the figures aren't legible and I am unable to manually edit the weekly distribution. I tried to zoom out and zoom in, but the weekly distribution column window is not legible. 

Thanks !


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Zoltan Palffy
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go to view show on bottom 

go to resource usage profile or resource usage spreadsheet in the right area right click 

if using spreasheet profile select spreadsheet optioncheck calculate average and check base on hour per time period

if using resource useage profile right click on the right area and select Resource usage profile options

then click on the graph tab

at the bottom check calculate Average and check Base on Hours per time period

what this does is it automatically adjusts the resource distrubition based on the time scale that you choos be it days, week or months.

another note is that if you have any resources assigned to an activity type as a LOE (level of effort) you must assign a resource curve to that resource for the LOE activity. If you do nto do this then all of the resources for this activity will be show on the data date.