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Activity usage spreadsheet shows planned value in Stop period

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Hi All,

i have a project that has non working days calender.The work was planned to remain stopped in october and November.But when I see the Activity usage spreadsheet in the Above said month it is showing Planned value cost.Why it is not zero?




Raymund de Laza
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It seems that the schedule was earlier planned as contineous and later on you made the changes to apply the new calendar with non working days.

I suggest you to reset your planned dates by replacing the planned dates with the current dates.


Hope this will help.

Rafael Davila
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Note that even if your calendars are ok you can still apply lag to costs and resources in some software, not to mention Bucket Planning, you shall also take a look at this. I am not sure but believe there is a setting to block some of this behavior within P6.

If you are displaying costs not during the period they accrue but at the moment of payment it can be one example of a possibility. Say the activity is performed during work months but payment received during non working months modeled using resource/cost lag.

Nilkamal Parikh
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Check the calander for the all items. May be some of the items may have different calander. Check the default project calander and the calander for resources as well.

I hope this will resolve your issue.