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Project slips more than 7 days after 1 week update

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Shree Abdullah
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I am facing a problem updating my schedule. my Project is behind schedule and finish date is sliped ahead than baseline finish date. Now I update my schedule after 1 week, so the finish date must slip by 7 days. But it slip more than 7 days and kept on increasing each week. last week it slipped by 8 days and this week it did by 10 weeks. I dont understand why this is happening. I checked activities with lag, and there is no lag. I cannot understand what seems to be the issue here. Kindly help me out.

Thank you


Santosh Bhat
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Is it due to Calendars? For example if the finish date was before seasonal downtime, a 1 day delay might push it across a long weekend so that the 1 day delay manifests into a 4day delay on the end date. And consider how this might happen across the entire length of the project.

Unfortauntely, some planners when creating project calendars only consider the calendar for the duration of the project upto the baseline finish date, when they should extend all non-work periods well beyond the original finish date to ensure delays will follow correct calendar patterns.

Zoltan Palffy
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look for start on constraints holding thngs out

look for out of sequence progres

look for fat finger durations and remaining durations typed the wrrong duration

look for as late as possible constraints

after scheduling check the log and look for any unsatisfied constraints

if all of that fails then

1. create a new code call it mypath and give it a code value of mp

2. add that code mypath as a column in the data table portion 

3. filter for the last activity in the schedule 

4. now look at the predcessor window make sure that the driving ad critical box is displayed.

5. look for the predcessor where the driving AND critical box is checked. 

6. Click on that precessor and then select GOTO

7. Keep doing this until you get back to the data date 

8. now filter where mypath is not eqaul to (leave value blank)

These are the activities that you need to analyze.