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Multiple Project Data Dates

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Geordie Jumps
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I have two projects that are cross tied but have different data dates (they are a week apart). When I schedule I want the cross ties between the projects to be recognized but I also want the activities in each project to respect their particular data date. At present the activities that could start in the project with the earlier data are showing up on the data date of the project with the later data date (i.e. they are floating in the future one week off of that project's data date whether I have one or both projects open). Ignoring cross ties puts the activities back on the data date but then the rest of the schedule is incorrect as the activities aren't seeing the cross ties. The problem only occurs when an activity in the schedule with the earlier data date is tied back to an activity in the project with the later date. This is true even if a tie is made to the start of network activity in the other project. This, and because it is happening to all activities in the second project is why I don't think this is retained logic issue (I have looked and can't see any activities that are out of sequence). I am therefore wondering if there is a setting to make each project respect its own data date with cross ties turned on or is something else going on? Any help would be much appreciated. PS: This is happening because one schedule is updated every week whereas the other is updated every other week. 



it happens when project status updates were done at different moments.



you did not mention the software that you use and I expect that different tools have different solutions for your problem.

In Spider Project you can schedule the projects from the certain user defined date (not moving activities that were scheduled for earlier time). So you can schedule both projects starting from the latest data date.

But it is certianly useful to set the same regulations for schedule updates in all linked projects.

Anoon Iimos
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I guess there could be no such thing as "multiple data dates" for multiple projects combined or tied together. By common sense, you were setting "date date" to calculate a schedule (multiple or single project) at a certain time or date. Hence, there can only be one "data date" for every single calculation run, applicable to single or multiple projects combined together. However, you can move the "data date" wherever or any time you want, but only one data date for every schedule run.