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Activity Weighting Parameter

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Razvan Gabor
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Hello Everybody,

I hope you will be able to advice me regarding the following matter.

I am working at the moment on a tender programme and I came across a special requirement from the client for the quality of the schedule which I have never met before.

The client requires the following:
All Activity progress related should be loaded with the specific resource undertaking the activity Weighting Parameter.

I was using only physical percentage complete to show the progress.

I would be very grateful if anyone can advice me with some method.

Best Regards,


Mike Testro
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Hi Razvan Alternatively present only tasks for one trade in one location no more than 10 working days and you will not need any weighting. Best regards Mike Testro
Zoltan Palffy
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simply assign the necessary manhours to perform each activity. The total of all of the manhours for ALL activities should total what you have estimated and therefore each one of the task is weighted in its self.

The monthly total of the manhours will give you a histogram for the required manpower and the cumulative monthly manhours  will give you and S curve that at the end total ALL of your manhours.

Rafael Davila
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Consider using Weight Parameter as a user defined field to calculate Earned Value.