How do you create a schedule for a project with a gap period in the project contract

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Iyior Abumere
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Hi All, please can anyone help. I am trying to build a schedule for a 3year contract that has a lump sum limited liability contract for the first 6months. The plan is to use these first 6months to finalise and approve the design which will then be used to define the rest of the project in detail. There are bound to be budget allocation delays between these first 6 months and the rest of the project, bit the exact duration of the delay is uncertain. How do I build such a schedule intended for EVM without this break point causing reporting issues? I hope my question is clear. Thanks



Both options suggested by mike are workable.

Mike Testro
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Hi Tylor

Two possibilities

Put the break period in the calendar as a non work duration.

Set up a dummy task with a 24/7 calendar and link it FS to the real tasks.

Best regards

Mike T.