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P6 resource leveling pushes activity to individual day

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Mathew McKnight
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I'm using P6 for scheduling a project.  

I have 3 activities that don't seem to level correctly.  See below for example.

  • All are Task dependent activities
  • Same resource assigned to all activities
  • Calendar is set to 8 hours/day work schedule

I have 3 tasks with no logic between them, but they all use the same resource.

  • Task 1 - duration equals 7 hours
  • Task 2 - duration equals 2 hours
  • Task 3 - duration equals 7 hours

When resource leveling is performed, Task 2 pushes to a separte day and Task 3 goes to a third day. Results below:

  • Task 1 starts on Monday
  • Task 2 starts on Tuesday
  • Task 3 starts on Wednesday

I want and expected the following results (all work completing in the 16 hours of Monday and Tuesday):

  • Task 1 starts and completes on Monday
  • Task 2 starts on Monday and completes on Tuesday
  • Task 3 starts on Tuesday and completes on Tuesday

Any help is appreciated.

Update: I was just informed that the individual was using days for activity duration versus hours while trying to use hours available for resources.  I believe this is where the error is occurring and why the result is not as expected.


Mike, if you are not satisfied with resource leveling in the package that you use look for different software. Manual leveling is not a good solution. Spider Project levels resources exactly as Mathew expects. I am sure that there are right settings in P6 that provide expected result for so easy case.
Mike Testro
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Hi Mathew

If that is what you want then se logic to achieve the result.

Resource levelling will screw up your project in nanoseconds - do not use it.

Best regards

Mike T.