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reschedule and Problem with Previouse base line

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Ali Haghjou
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i want to describe my situation and have your idea if you where as me!!
recently i have rescheduled (re planning) project schedule and project duration is extended 8 months.the baseline duration was 16 months and now is 24 month. my problem is the owner request to change the previous plan!!!

he asked me to change all percent complete to zero so he could calculate new percent complete plan for previous months!!

and now i want to ask you professional guys!! is this request based on an academic basis!! is it the rule!! do you ever change your passed plan when you rescheduled your project!! i have worked 15 years in Project control and the procedure was this:

for example, know our project has 50% progress, the i will reschedule the project and make new base line from rescheduled project!

but how can i explain this when owner couldn't understand!!! is there any text that i can reference him to that???

please help me...