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Non-Linear Actual Resource Units Spend

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Lewis Hadaway
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Hi all,

New to the forum, signed up specifically to ask this question.

I'm trying to add actuals to a plan of mine and I'm zoomed in so I can see the days within the week. When I assign, say, 40 units over 5 days, it will split it:

Mon: 8 Tue: 8 Wed: 8 Thu: 8 Fri 8

I receive timesheets where the units are irregular and are not linearly spread, for example:

Mon 6: Tue: 10 Wed 7.5 : Thur: 8.25 Fri: 8.25

Is there any way, when in the resource assignments view, with the table displaying actual units, to have it display the actual units spent rather than it spreading it linearly?

Kind regards,



Mike Testro
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Hi Lewis - welcome to planning planet.

I hope you remain with us for a few more discussions.

The usual way of reporting actual resource deployment is to add the total hours up to the report date.

This is best done on a spreadsheet and the results copied to the planning software.

I have no knowledge of how it can be done on a day by day basis unless you put a drop line for each day which would be cumbersome.

Maybe someone will come up with your answer - they usually do.

Best regards

Mike Testro