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Actual Units for Assigned Resources are not correct as per physical %

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Nilkamal Parikh
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I need some help from your rich experience in updating resource loaded program.

Actually i am facing some issues while updating the resource loaded items. When I update the physical %ge complete of the task, I think the assigned units will also updates by its own and same with remaining units. But in my cast, it is not happening and I need to update them manually which is very time consuming. Some time the material resource gets updated but the labour resources are never line up.

Below is the example for that:

One item has assigned resources as follow:

Labour      -   500 hr

Material    -  1000 units

Nonlabour -   250 Hrs

Now when I update the item with physical %ge as 50% complete, my atual resources for labour is 0 hr, Actual material - 500 units and actual nonlabour - 125 hrs. Activity type is task dependent and duration type is Fixed Duration & units. We are using enterprise version and my admin don't know either if it is because of some incorrect settings or what?

I will really appreciate your help on this.

Many Thanks



Zoltan Palffy
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since you are using physical % complete the duration % complete never gets updated so you need to run a global change to set the duration % complete equal to the physical % complete 

first check this setting 

go to the projects directory make sure that your project is highlighted click on the calculations tab and make sure that on the right that Recalculate actual units and cost when duration % complete changes is checked

now run the global change

go to tools global change

select new

where physical % complete is greater than 0

then duration % complete eqauls physical % complete