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Linear and non-linear ativities on the same network

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Angus Stewart
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Joined: 5 Mar 2005
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We have a client who for some reason wants to progress most activities in a linear method and a few non linearerly.

My question is using P3 how would we best do this???


Alex Wong
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you are right, you can plan your network in both linear and non linear.

However, that is only the plan, in progress update you progress your activity base on actual completion.

In activity progress you have a few choice,
1. Duration
2. Physical
3. 0/100
4. 50/100
5. Weighted
6. Cost (Acutal)

you need to work out the method prior to approval of your schedule


Ronald Romero
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You can make it linear on nonlinear as it suits you. Just define the resource curve you want tto use to progress your activities.

Try it and in few runs you can have the progress your client want.


Edgar Ariete
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It’s basically linear, so you have to break it down into smallest possible detail to make it realistic.
James Griffiths
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Hi Angus,

Clarification please on what your client means by linear and non-linear progress. I’m making the assumption that non-linear means that the activity stops-and-starts....but I could be wrong.