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Project completion date changing

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abdul subhan sidd...
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Dear all I need help ... My contractor suited a programme which was last updated on 15 jan 14 and now I have updated all the percentages of the programme and when I am hitting f9 to the 24 den as data date the project completion date is changing . Please help.


R Voneister
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Abdul, It is such a basic thing that its surprising you actually asked such a question. 

If you don't want the completion date to change make sure you perform the planned work in the allotted time.

Muhammet Koçak
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Also I have same problem I thing. Problem is that. For example, I have one activitiy and it's finishind date 25 march 2014 and data date is 10 march 2014 so remaining date must be (it can be changed depend of calendar) 15 days. I updated Data date to 20 march 2014. after updated remaining days still be 15 days and completion date go to 30 march. How can I fix it ? Urgently

Gary Whitehead
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What's the problem?

Completion date should change if the project does not progress exactly to plan.