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How To Trace Out of Sequence Logic using the Predecessors Tab (Detail Window)

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Thomas Frey
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I found a way of tracing out of sequence logic using the predecessor tab on the detail window using the "GoTo" button.

Bascially you have to turn on the Start and Finish and Early Start and Early Finish date columns in the tab.

Then evaluate the data.  Sorting by early finish can help when you have allot of tasks.

The tab looks like the attached image.


Note that when a task that is completed has no predecessors that are not complete, the Early Start and Finish reflect the data date of Feb. 11.

For the tasks that are compelte that have a predecessor that is not complete, the Early dates reflect that incomplete predecessors calculated dates.


Rafael Davila
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How do you filter out for already completed activities whose predecessors and successors are also already completed but were executed out of sequence?

In the following example Activity B occurred out-of-sequence but SureTrak schedule report would miss to list the occurrence. A weird occurrence that happened, that shall be justified, that might be in error and the software shall not miss to disclose as an out-of-sequence.

 photo POOR_zps3cf4e7cf.png

As far as I remember with SureTrak and P3 the only way to list out-of-sequence was with the schedule report that would only disclose actual active out-of-sequence.

Isn't it easier just to filter out for broken links? Or you still have to look at previous schedule runs? Maybe the occurrence happened within a single update and the traditional schedule report will miss to point out an out of sequence event occurred that might be of interest and worth to investigate rather than assuming nothing happened.

Best regards,


Mike Testro
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Hi Thomas

The best way to avoid out of sequence working is to get the logic correct in the first place.

The best way to get the logic correct is to only use FS links with no lead lags.

Best regards

Mike Testro

Thomas Frey
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The image did not translate well.

I will post a better image when I can.

The mehtod does work however.