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Urgent help - Project extraction from baseline

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siva ganesh
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Joined: 1 Dec 2011
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Hello friends,

I have a initial project. And another one i have an updated project.

Now what i did is, in the initial project i added baseline from the option "convert the other project as baseline" and i assigned the updated project as a new baseline.

Unfortunately i deleted the updated project.

Now is there any possible way to extract the updated project which is assigned as baseline 1 to initial project?

Hope u understood my problem.

Kindly help with a way and advise.



siva ganesh
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Joined: 1 Dec 2011
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Thanks Gary.

It really helped. Eastiest way. Thanks a lot.

And Rafael, I appreciate your reply, it was really an additional information. Thanks



Rafael Davila
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The easiest way would be to look on the Backup. A Backup of the project file that is performed on the background with no noticeable effect on computer speed as a full database backup of all projects takes too long to execute and slow down computer, also restoring database restore all. Once in a while a full backup using any backup utility [or your software] shall be performed.

I use autosave every 5 minutes, look for backup options in your software.


Gary Whitehead
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1) Open initial project

2) Go to Project > Assign baselines, and ensure your updated project is NOT selected as a project or user baseline

3) Go to Project > Maintain baselines, select the updated project, and click "restore".

It should now appear back in your EPS


NB: In the future, I advise to take a copy of any project you plan to use as a baseline, so that the original version remains in your EPS.