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Precommissioning / Commissioning Activities & Sequence

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Angel Cruz
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Actually I'm preparing draft schedule for Precommissioning & Commissioning schedule for LNG Terminal Project.

And I come out with these activities as follows:



  1. Hydrotest of Pipelines

  2. Leakage Test of Pipelines

  3. Flushing & Cleaning of Pipelines

  4. System dry-out

  5. Inerting

  6. Systematic Conformity Check of Equipment

  7. Static, De-energized Test of Equipment


  1. Preliminary Check

  2. Functional Check

  3. Operational Test

  4. Pre-Startup activities


May I ask some advise to those who had the same experience on the questions below:

  Q1. Are the activities and sequence are correct?

  Q2. Is there any missing activity?

  Q2. Are these set of activities can be applied to both Utility System & Process System?


Thank you and Regards,




Gary Whitehead
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No-one has offered to provide XERs on this thread, and it is 3 years old.


Thread locked.

Ash Allam
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Can you please sene me a copy of the XER's

Ash Allam
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Hi Guys,


Would love a copy of the XER's to get as well.


Thanks in advance.


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Can anyone provide me Primavera 6 version commissioning plan? in .xer format? plz email at

Angel Cruz
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Thanks Johannes & Maxime for the replies.

Johannes Vandenberg
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Hi Angel

Suggest the following

The items you show as precommissioning and commissioning are in fact part ot the construction, inspection and testing activities.

The basic stream of the process of commisionning is as follows:

  • Complete all the construction, testing, and testing activities
  • Carry out the complete and all the Mecancally Completion activities.
  • Then make a precommisionng plan detailing all requirements of the "Systems"
  • These systems are detailed in the P&I D's. These can be process, utilities, firewater, safyty system, Powergeneration, power distibution. lichting & small power etc.
  • Further plan all recourses, vendor assistances, commisioning engineers, consumables an spare parts, labour for assistance
  • Establish safety and workpermit systems

The next step is commisioning

  • After all the precommissioning activities are completed the commissioning can commence. Take that commissioning starts when the systems "are going live".
  • In many occasions the commissing start with the electrical en instrumentation systems, such as powergenerations and distribution.
  • Then the plantoperation systems shall be done. Etc.

Trust that you answers some of your questions


Regards Johannes





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Hi Angel,


Here some element of answers:

- What you call "Preliminary checks" should be done during or before the Precom (I guess this includes the piping conformity check, instrumentation calibration, machinery alignment, Manhole closure ...)

- For some systems you will not have all these activities (in particular inerting, dry-out for utilities as water ...)

- For gas systems, flushing (with water) and dry out may be directly remplaced by Air blowing

- For process system, you should identify the Safety valves calibration as this often is a critical activity

- Some times could be identified for the closure of blocking points of the punch lists, depending on the way it works on your site 


Hope it could help,