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Re-scheduling and re-sequencing of activities

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Ronn Chester Baluyot
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I update our construction programme every week to show the activities that have taken place during the past week. So every time an activity didn’t start on its scheduled start date, its start date will just move to the data date. But time to time, our site team always said that they cannot start some of the activities on the start date as shown in the programme so they want to move it in a later date. But of course if I do that, the start and finish dates will now be different from our baseline programme. Is it fine to change the start date and sequence of future activities when the site team wants it or just stick to the original schedule?


Rodel Marasigan
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The proper way and good practice of maintaining the schedule is reflecting the true sequence and correct methodology on site to make it a realistic schedule but make sure that baseline is preserve. The use of baseline is to compare the actual reflection on site vs target. Make sure all changes are documented and approved to make it easier to trace back the history. If the baseline is totally out of the blue from current schedule then make a suggestion or an effort to change the baseline and reflect the actual methodology and sequences maintaining the original baseline milestone date and contractual key deliverable date if possible. Make sure that new baseline is approved by the both parties (client and your management) before using the new baseline. If the critical path is change then make sure that the new critical path is agreed by both parties and not deviating contractual issues.