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Resequencing programme

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Martin Gomez
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Hi everyone
How do i resequence a programme half way through the project.can i freez all the progress  and move the bars to a future date.what is the best practice.i work with asta power project.Thanks


Daniel Limson
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First you need to back-up your file and keep a copy just in case you need to revert back to your programme, then update your programme up to your last cut-off date, enter percent complete for ongoing activities and input forecast completion dates or remaining duration based on your assessment or based on inputs from the construction team doing the work. After updating the programme you can now re-sequence the remaining activities which have not started yet. If an activity has already started and affected by the change of sequence, then you can rename the activity say Part 1 and make it 100% and add an activity for the 2nd part. Be careful though, you need to review the realtionships thoroughly, it is a pain in the A** to delink and re-link activities especially if you did not do the original programme.

Best regards,


Hameed .A
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You can re-sequence the programming logic to fit the field conditions and then freeze the progress .It doesn't matters where U stand either half way or full length .But realistic logic matters