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Copying WBS / Activities

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Tanveer Ahmad Niazi
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My consultant asked me to make a “Time Impact Program” as we have a new MEP sub contractor whose time of completion is seven months and a lot of civil/architectural work is still left from our side. The extension is given to the MEP works and the finishing work that is following MEP only.  What I did to save time, I created a new program “Clause 14 TIP” and copied the WBS with activities of my existing (that I have already exported/saved on the other drive before maintaining the baseline) into “Clause 14.029” program. I got everything copied into my new program but the “Schedule % Complete” is showing 100% while it is 0% in the original program. I am using P6-V7.0 (stand alone). My questions are;

  • Why is it so?
  • How can I turn that percentage to “0”?
  • Is there any way to copy all resources, units and activities to my time?

Thanx - Cheers


Dave Ellis
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Have you somehow managed to bring in the baseline to these activities as well?