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MSP 2007 Conversion to Primavera P7

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Vineet Shrivastava
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Dear Members

I need urgent advice on conversion procedures for conversion of my programme in MSP 2007 to Primavera P7.

I have tried many ways but failed to do successfull conversion.

Please advice what is the correct procedures to convert MSP 2007 to P7 


kamesh avasarala
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Dear vineeth ,


the procedure is 1st you go to ms project and save as  that ms- project in XML format . and that can be easily import in primavera when you impotr you select import and selet msproject xml import option and do import . iam doing the same thing i easily doint that in same method.



Alain Wagner
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You are right.. you have to delete summary activities as welll as changing the activity type that will be iported as Ressource type instead of activity type. calendars will have to be converted to your calendar since the MS calendar will be the one imported in your P6 database.

Daniel Limson
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Hi Vineet,

Try importing it, it is not an exact conversion, but you can always delete the summary bars that you do not need.