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Resources driving activity durations!

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Ben Hall
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Joined: 5 Oct 2008
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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to add resources to an activity, where the hours assigned to the resource are less than the duration of the activity?

At the moment, my activity has 114d duration, though when i add my resources they only add up to 25d duration...and this then affect the activity duration. Ie, activity duration changes from 114d to 25d..

Does anyone know how to set up the resources so they dont affect the activity duration??

I have also tried adding another resource which is equal to the activity duration, in this case 114d...though it screws up my Budgeted Labour Units!!

can anyone help me?
Ben Hall


Mike Testro
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Hi Ben

Switch off the resource modelling aspect of the software.

Then the allocated hours will spread over the whole period.

Alertanively there are two sides to duration generation - Hours and Gang size.

The 114d duration can be maintained if you reduce the gang allocation pro rata.

This may result in less than 1 resource allocation.

The best result however is to accept that the 114 day duration has been overestimated and let it stay at 25 days.

If this affects the critical path then you can put in a time risk buffer to fill the gap.

Better still an activity of 114 days is too long anyway so break it up into maneable chunks - no more than 20 days - and resource each section.

Best regards

Mike Testro
Ben Hall
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Joined: 5 Oct 2008
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Cheers everyone,

The reason why the resource budgeted hours was driving the Activity duration was because the Duration Type was set to Time/Units, where it should have been Fixed Duration & Units, this prevents the duration changing when you edit the resouce manhours.

Thanks for all your help!

Thanks Trevor I recieved your message late, but I appreciate your help!!

Ben Hall
Trevor Rabey
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I think I can help.
You are in WA, so am I.
You can phone me on 08 92727485, we could meet.